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  • Recruit freedom-minded candidates to run for public office

  • Train candidates

  • Support freedom-minded candidates

  • Elect freedom-minded candidates to school boards

The Solution

Electing Freedom-Minded Officials.
Fighting for Liberty.

Fighting for the Future

We are committed to fighting against Critical Race Theory and other anti-American agendas and curriculums. We will work to bring power back to the parents, and help elect leaders who are committed to getting back to the basics and keeping politics out of the classroom.


Texans for Educational Freedom has the sole purpose of electing freedom-minded officials to school boards to ensure the liberties of our citizens


We seek to create a stronghold of freedom-minded elected officials in the State of Texas that will ensure the liberties of our citizens. We do this by being the most influential and strategic organization that recruits, supports, and elects candidates to fulfill our mission


If we do not create a stronghold of freedom-minded elected officials, we will decline into a state of governmental control, where our children will not be free to choose their own destiny.


We will recruit freedom-minded individuals to run in targeted races where they can have the most impact on policy


We will train freedom-minded individuals on how to run a successful campaign through the basics of direct voter contact, fundraising, and messaging.


We will support candidates logistically and/or financially, and provide them with the tools and resources that they need to win.


We will be laser focused on races where we can move the needle and have a dominant impact as we activate the electorate in support of our freedom-minded candidates.

88% win Rate in 2022

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